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Global Sustainable Development Goals



Teachers Sponsoring Teachers

We love our teachers.

In an attempt to make this world slightly smaller and demonstrate our dedication to sustainable, quality education in our world, we are seeking current and retired teachers to sponsor the salaries of one or more of our fantastic teachers.

Thru this program we hope to connect educators around the world with each other to share stories, ideas and potentially mentorship.



Water Projects

Clean drinking water is essential to health. Without it, disease spreads and humans will use contaminated water that is also used for bathing, dishes, toilet and drinking. Thru your donation, we are able to secure clean, healthy sources of water for people in need. 

Donate for Water Projects


Human Waste Projects

The Indian Government's Swachh Bharat (Clean India) Mission, while noble and improving the situation, the majority of households in India do not have access to toilets.  Approximately 50% of India's 1.2 billion people defecate in the open thus spreading preventable diseases. Partner with us to build toilet facilities for the people of India.

Donate to Clean Up Human Waste


Women's Empowerment

Partner with us to help reform the circumstances of women around the world. Donate to help improve women's access to quality education, marketable skills training, healthcare and safety. 

Donate to Help Empower Women


Rise Design

Rise Design was created in 2015, with the purpose of employing women artisans at fair trade wages. Rise provides safe employment in their community, a sustainable income, and access to healthcare & education. This dignified work provides a real chance for these Kolkata women to rise out of poverty; for themselves and for their families.