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Kolkata City Mission


Kolkata City Mission

Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child in Kolkata for just $30 per month will change their life by providing them with a formal education, and one additional meal per day that they would not otherwise receive. Education and mentoring are the keys to escaping the slums. Without education, young girls fall into the traps of the street including prostitution, abuse, and begging. While boys are forced into hard manual labor with no hope of breaking away.

3 Reasons to Sponsor a Child Today!

1. Better future - Research shows that sponsored children are more likely to stay in school, continue education, and to pursue a better career.

2. Transforming Communities - An educated child can impact their community for positive change.

3. Provide Strength and Motivation - When you stand with a child during his/her formative years, the child will be encouraged and motivated to go farther.

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Teacher Accommodations

Currently our teachers drive multiple hours twice each day; every morning in order to get to school where they teach the children and then again in the evening to return home to their families. 

We hope to fund and build a small apartment, attached to the school, for the teachers to use. It would be comprised of modest accommodations that include a shared kitchen, bathroom, and living space with seperate bed-rooms. The teachers could stay on campus during the week, if desired, which would enable them to rest and allow them to focus their time and energy on the children at the school.

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School Project

In partnership with Kolkata City Mission (KCM) and many private donors, an english-medium school has been built in a rural village of near Kolkata, India. Currently this school educates 150 children who previously had no access to education of any kind. The current goal for this school is 200 students.

Professional, Indian-national, English-speaking teachers, using the Indian government’s English-medium curriculum, now educate these children.

The ultimate goal for this school is to become the model in the region for quality open-access education for over 1000 children.  In order to accomplish this goal, the additional wings of the school must be funded and built. Please consider donating today.